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Welcome to the Storytelling Gene

Where we merge the principles of neuroscience with the art of storytelling to help you create and pitch your best work.

The Story behind all stories

Story is the king in every creative visual work of art.
And behind every story there is another story. The story of you, the creator engaged in a process that reveals how your creative intelligence works.

The S Gene gives you the tools to refine and evolve your creative process.

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Train your brain from habits of anxiety and emotional blocks and create a pleasurable, resilient and endless writing practice.



Tap into your nervous system to release a deep understanding of any character comes your way



Train your nervous system to fulfill the artistic and dramatic vision of your film or play

Develop, Present and Communicate
your story

The S Gene merges principles of Neuroplasticity with the creative process allowing you to locate and develop your own voice no matter your experience or the current stage of your project.


Depending on your story’s needs and your experience you’ll get all the practical tools and space to develop step by step your story or character


Train your nervous system to control your anxiety and present your best work in your best possible way


Discover how a single story may present additional narrative threads giving the possibility to your audience to fully immerse themselves in the world of the story


As industry professionals we offer our expertise and experience on your work-in-progress whenever is needed

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