There are plenty of techniques for Writing, Acting, and Directing.

There are forms and tricks, exercises, and methods.

In an increasing world of information, it’s easier than ever to learn, find, and explore your craft.

And it becomes easier than ever to become overwhelmed and never actually find or evolve your own voice.

The S Gene merges principles of Neuroplasticity with the creative process allowing you to locate and develop your own voice no matter your experience or the current stage of your project.


Develop your story

Through one to one coaching sessions I’ll assist you to locate and evolve your own voice expressing your story and characters on your best possible way. The sessions are based on Socrates’ Maieutic Method and Neuroplasticity.

Depending on your story’s needs and your experience you’ll get all the practical tools to develop step by step your story into its final form.

Duration: 1 hour session – from 3 up to 12 sessions –
Who is it for: Writers, Actors, Directors working on a specific idea, story or character


Present your story

Training and mentoring on how to present your project to development executives, producers, and festivals.There are no recipes, tricks or secrets. There are specific technical rules and ONE basic element you need to own.

Your story in Your own way. Combining neuroplasticity with presentation skills, you’ll learn how to train your nervous system to control your anxiety and present your best work in your best possible way.

Duration: 1 hour session – from 3 up to 12 sessions –
Who is it for: Writers, Directors, Producers working on a specific Screenplay or Film Project.


Communicate your story

Consulting on the creative development of the project –movie, play, book, exhibition- through multiple platforms and formats.

The dynamic of transmedia storytelling enhance the communication of the project, adding up on the funding possibilities.

Through the sessions, we will discover how a single story may present additional narrative threads giving the possibility to your audience to fully immerse themselves in the world of the story.

Duration: 2 hours sessions
Who is it for: Development Executives, Producers, Creatives working on a specific Film, TV or Art Project.