The Story Begins

40.000 years ago people started telling stories.It is about time to add yours.

Stories are part of our genes. They make the world go round.
Stories make us think, help us create.
They add colour to our own reality and expand our worldview.

That is the true power of storytelling.

It is the art of manipulation

And thus the art of empowerment.

The Journey

Everything starts with an idea.

A light bulb turns itself on over your head and an idea is born.

But that idea needs something more in order to become a story worth told.It needs your perspective. It needs your own words.
But most importantly, it needs your voice.

You have to find your own voice and make your story unique. That is your one and only journey as a writer.
And it is not an easy one. As any other journey, there are hidden dangers that might block your way.

It is not lack of ability, strength or intelligence; it is the lack of mentoring.

Our vision

Let’s hit the road.

Storytelling is like a road trip and as a storyteller, you are the one who will pave the way.

From the initial idea to the final story, you are the one who will draw the line that connects all the elements together and create the map to the final destination of your journey.

But, having a mentor as your back-seat driver simplifies matters. It helps avoid the dead ends and helps you discover the best shortcuts for your journey.

Through our studied methodology, we can help you identify your own writing style, develop your writing skills, and hone your ability to share those stories with the world.

Through your journey, we will be there to evaluate the whole process with you.

It is time to hit the road.


Nothing is set in stone

Every person is unique and so are the stories we tell one another.

Our approach is there to reflect that notion.

Through our methodology, we work with you and help you identify and craft your own writing style, so your stories can truly represent your vision.



Generate ideas (brainstorming)

Guidance through project development

Constant feedback



Storytelling for screenwriters

Storytelling for playwriters

Storytelling for book writers

Online Writing Tools


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*All our courses and workshops can be held either online or in one on one meetings and group events.


Connecting The Dots


We don’t believe in rules. We believe in procedure.

That procedure is what is going to help you to arrive to the places you ought to travel.

On the way, you will found out more about yourself. On the way, you will be able to create your own procedures to suit your needs.

Because you are the storyteller. You will know what works for you. We can only guide you towards that path of discovery.


We are the mentors, but you are the storyteller.

You are the one who has to write your own story.

Writing is hard work. It takes time and determination.

But most importantly, it takes a lot of practice. Practice, after all, is the mother of all skills.

You hold the power of writing in your hands.  But with great powers comes great responsibilities.

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Identify your main idea

Discover your style


Find your own voice

Develop your story


Evaluate the whole process

Hone your pitching skills


Time For Heroes – Οur founder’s Ted Talk
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