The Story Begins

40.000 years ago people started telling stories.

Through our narratives we communicate our knowledge, our experience and our visions.

Storytelling is in our genes.

It is a biological thing called narrative transportation. Stories take the front seat of our minds and there is nothing we can do about it.

That is the true power of storytelling.

It is the art of manipulation

And thus the art of empowerment

Writers, Screemwriters, Directors

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Our vision

90% of what we consume in the world today are stories. Whether they are in audio-visual content, movies, brand-management, advertisement, pictures, stories are everywhere.

Storytelling is an integral part of our lives. Stories help us understand how the world works.

We are here to help you transform the knowledge into storytelling experiences that have the ability to captivate the young minds and instill into them the essential values of humanity.

Stories that inspire, teach and shape the new generation’s vision.


Nothing is set in stone

Nothing is set in stone

Every person is unique and so are the stories we tell one another.

Our approach is there to reflect that notion.

Through our methodology, we work with schools and organizations to help them identify and craft their inspiring messages. We organize and create educational programmes based on storytelling and visualization techniques.

Storytelling for Educators



The Elements of Storytelling

Visualization techniques

Storytelling Workshops for Students


Stop-motion Animation

Drama & Video

Digital & Documentary

Storytelling for Schools & Organizations


Tailormade storytelling programmes

Consultancy on non traditional educational programmes

*Our Workshops has been presented in collaboration of various institutions, organizations, Museums & International Film Festivals


Connecting The Dots

A story can go where dry textbooks are denied admission: our hearts.

No one remembers a fact alone, but everyone remembers the story that contains the fact.

Through storytelling we can create memorable teachable moments that are so valuable on the learning process.

In order to do so, a teacher has to create a line of communication that help students relate to the subject of interest.

Storytelling draws a line that connects all the elements together and the final image can truly become a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Through our studied methodology we can help you discover the perks of storytelling in a classroom and create your own fun process of teaching.

Throughout your journey, we will be there to evaluate the whole process with you.

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Discover your storytelling possibilities


Find exciting new materials

Develop teachable moments


Evaluate the whole process

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